Festival fever

Nepal has been treating me very well indeed. I’ve just got back from the Himalayas after having had almost three glorious weeks trekking. But before I left for the mountains, I was thrown into Nepalese life with a trip to a temple site and then to a historic town for a festival.

Pashupatinath is within Kathmandu (now a sprawling city that goes beyond its original confines to house a population of 3 million). It’s a site which houses a main temple where, if you die within its confines, it is said you’ll be reborn as human, no matter what sins you committed whilst alive.

The Sadhus (Holy Men) are colourful characters, who are happy to pose for the tourists in exchange for a small donation to support their existence.


In common with other parts of South Asia, great credence is given to horoscopes. It was interesting to see that the digital revolution has caught up with this aspect of life here, with laptops being used to obtain ‘the most detailed and accurate predictions’.


The complex is on the banks of the river Bagmati, and cremations are carried out here, sometimes several at a time.


Having wandered around the site, the next stop was Bhaktapur, an ancient city and now a UNESCO heritage site. Whilst a lot was damaged during the 2015 earthquake, much is now rebuilt and work continues. I was lucky enough to visit during New Year’s celebrations (Nepal doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar). I’ve now travelled to the future, as it’s 2075 here!

The celebration on that day appeared to be a huge tug of war, with young and old straining to pull a giant wooden chariot to either ends of the historic town square.


As I got there, the square was slowly filling with people who appeared in a distinct holiday mood, complete with food vendors, toy sellers, and friendly flag-waver!


DSCF1231DSCF1288DSCF1299DSCF1283The prime positions appeared to be on the chariot itself; these kids were happily ensconced long before the action started.


Once the contest started, the square became a crazy place of good natured chaos. Everyone tried to get their hands on one of the ropes at either end, and each side did their best to ensure the chariot shifted in their direction. It was pure madness, but great fun to be in the middle of it all.



Those who didn’t want to participate, stood well out of harm’s way, watching the craziness.



These men are wearing tradition Nepali hats, ‘Dhaka topi’

The structure on top of the chariot was distinctly wobbly, and at times the objective appeared to be to get it to detach completely from the base. Apparently this has happened in the past – I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere near when it did, but some of those sitting on top appeared to actively revel in the feeling it was going to topple over!



The whole event was glorious unadulterated fun, and a perfect introduction to what is clearly going to be a fascinating country.

42 thoughts on “Festival fever

  1. Stuart,
    finally your dream comes true. Maike and me wishing you the ultimate journey.

    Godspeed, bud !

    Olli anf Maike


  2. Hi Stu. Di Tudway and I were just chatting about you yesterday and wondered how you were getting on. It looks amazing. Keep us updated. X


  3. Thanks for sharing this my way Stuart. Great blog and fantastic photos. Keep em coming and take care dude.


  4. Incredible. A little Bit envious. 🙂 wish you all the best and a Good trial and lots of Good Spirit , see you


  5. Hi Stuart – thankyou for sharing your first steps in your next adventure which is sure to be extraordinary based on what you’ve posted to date – as you know I don’t like reading but you’ve got my attention with your combination of the written word and supporting photographs. Your blog is truly alive and I’m sure my girls will follow you with a huge amount of interest, just like me. Safe travels and look forward to catching up in UK, Berlin or further afield! Yours, Alan


    1. Cheers Alan. If I get bored, I’ll do an excel spreadsheet of travel plans, just for you! 😉 Love to all the family, and look forward to seeing you all when I get back. S


  6. Amazing pictures Stuart.
    Such a wonderful adventure and it’s only just the beginning. Well Jel.
    Take care
    Karen xxxx


    1. Thanks Karen. Indeed, it’s only just begun (oh no, will have The Carpenters going round my head now!). You and Charles take care of yourselves too please. Hugs to you both, X


  7. Just had a chance to read your first comments. Got lots of exciting stuff going on here but I will live more travel adventures vicariously through you till my next trip.
    Great blog and photos Stuart, although I wouldn’t expect any less!


  8. Dear Stuart, this is amazing! Such beautiful images to document your adventures! I hope you are well and enjoying your days. Stay safe and I’m looking forward to reading more posts soon. Lots of love, Sophy xx


  9. Hello there! your journey has finally begun. Wishing health and lots of adventures. God Speed. Anji


  10. Stuart, It’s good to see you are immersing yourself in the local customs. Hope your journeys are all you want them to be, looking forward to following you around the world



  11. Hi Stuart, amazing pictures indeed. And I do so enjoy you descriptions of people and events. All the best! xx


  12. Supertolle Fotos, Stuart. Habe mich sehr darüber gefreut. Hoffe, Du hast eine gute Zukunft vorhergesagt bekommen 😉 Auf den Himalaya bin ich schon sehr gespannt. Weiterhin eine wunderbare Zeit, Petra x


  13. Stuart, Your photographs are wonderfully colourful. Have a wonderful trip and i look forward to hearing / seeing more about your trip x


  14. Well done Stuart, looking good. Sat in a dodgy London hotel looking at your photos – know where I’d rather be! Best of luck on the Bridgwater bike during the next leg of your journey. Damian


    1. Hi Damian, good to hear from you – hope you coped ‘in the smoke’. The Bridgwater beast is waiting for my return, and will be flying to Colombia in a week’s time. Yikes! Hope all good your end, Stuart


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