At 49 50! years of age (how did that happen?) and after 29 years in public service, I made my bid for freedom. Before I start whatever my next job will be, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to travel some more of the world.

I started off in Nepal before heading to South America. My mother had visited Nepal twice whilst in her seventies, and was always desperate to convince me that I should travel there. I always promised her that I would, once I had time to enjoy it properly. Sadly, my mother is no longer with us, but I’m glad to finally fulfil my promise to her.


The next part is South America. I took my bicycle to Colombia, where I started in Medellin with language school . Once I had mastered enough Spanish to feel comfortable setting out, I headed South. I’m travelling through the Andes, all the way to Ushuaia in Patagonia. That has taken me through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina – a long journey….


I’m completely flexible with my plans, and I’ve made a few changes and detours on the way. I’ve also found that I’m more than happy to take buses where necessary either because a stretch is boring, along motorway, or simpy too big. I have camping equipment with me, but so far have spent most nights in hostels and hotels. Having previously hosted other cyclists in my homes using warmshowers.org (a site for cyclists to host cyclists) I may try this en route too.

I travel with an enormous gratitude for having this opportunity to see some more of the world. I hope to make many friends on the way, and look forward to recording some of my experiences on this blog.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in Germany, Britain, India, and Pakistan and am a German/British dual national (my father was British, my mother German). Whilst my worldly possessions are currently sitting in a storage unit in Berlin, I tend to be at home wherever I am in the world.

The blog is started primarily as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, I’m also happy if I can assist others who are planning travels, or already on the road. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything with which I may be able to help.

Best wishes to everyone,


At least I got in some daily cycling in my previous life 😉