Illegal border crossings…..

Well, maybe not illegal, but I did go against travel advice of Germany, UK and the United States by using the roads and crossing in Putomayo, in South Eastern Colombia. Embassies advise against all travel in the region. I didn’t do this lightly, and sought guidance from many sources over the preceding weeks, including repeatedly … Continue reading Illegal border crossings…..

Coffee country

Since my last post I’ve travelled through the last of ‘coffee country’, and continued to have an incredible time in this cyclist's paradise. I had another couple of days slogging up the hills with my original chainwheel. With some of the ascents being up to 20% in parts, with averages often being over 5%, many … Continue reading Coffee country

Travels with my bicycle

(Please note pictures can now all be viewed full screen just by clicking on them) Given that I've started getting messages asking whether I'm ok, thought I'd better do my first post from being on the road. An easy way to get started is with some stats for the first 8 days: Number of days … Continue reading Travels with my bicycle

Medellín, I shall miss you….

So, all good things come to an end, and tomorrow I leave Medellín and finally set off on the bike. I’m healthily apprehensive of the challenges ahead, and more than a little nervous about those hills. The bike has been prepared; luggage reduced; everything squashed into the four panniers I’ll be carrying; and I’m as … Continue reading Medellín, I shall miss you….